4' x 3' x 12' Chicken Wire | 2015 Installation I constantly feel trapped in the expectation and peer pressure in Silicon Valley. The sperm represents the competitiveness in the world I’m in. Physically being in the sperm made this piece really personal to me. Crawling out of the sperm shell and walking into the infinity of the ocean is my awakening. I now set myself free from the academic expectations.
deafening silence
4' x 3' x 7' Wrapping Paper, Note Papers | 2015 Public Performance at Union Square, New York In the summer after junior year (high school), the stress accumulated in me reached the peak. I wrote down very personal thoughts on notebook paper as quickly as I could and taped them onto a paper suit I made. I put on the suit at Union Square, Manhattan. I really wanted to get the message out there - that too many teenagers like me need the understanding of stress, anxiety, and depression. People gathered around me and a few actually asked me why I was doing it. As an introvert, I’m very proud that I did it.
4' x 4' x4' Paper Cut-Outs, Invisible Threads | 2016 Installation, Stop Motion Born Chinese, I moved to the States when I was 13. As a teenager, I was not the best at handling the culture shock. For this piece, I cut out Chinese characters with red and English characters with white paper. I've learned to accept and integrate both culture, just like I demonstrated in the stop-motion.
thumb tacks bra
13" x 8" x 8" Thumb Tacks, Glue | 2016 Sculpture Thumb tacks make the piece looks like an actual jewelry from the front view. However, the needles in the back represent the hidden sacrifices that a woman makes to match the society’s perception of beauty. I chose bra as subject to say that women should be able to live under their own beauty standards.
silicon valley
Gloves, Threads, Used SAT Prep Books | 2016 Room-Scale Installation I call Silicon Valley a “bubble”, in which there is too much stress on the kids. This installation speaks to me in particular because in junior year, I actually experienced frequent mental breakdowns. For the installation, I spread all of the SAT prep materials I have on the ground. The gloves are like the intangible pressure coming waves after waves.
tactile voices
Pierced Microfiche Projection | 2016 Installation I pierced two pieces of writings I’ve done in the past: one in English from my literature class last year, one in Chinese from elementary school. In both pieces, I reflect on my life at the time. Throughout my years being in America, I learned to balance out these two identities in me.
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