Computer-Generated Renders Autodesk Maya | 2018 Virtual Reality Experiment While people can create infinite worlds in Virtual Reality, I aimed to make a constraining space that gives the user a sense of pressure. In a dystopian future, when humans have to flee the mother Earth, each person would have to live in a small spaceship unit. This 3D model provides a snapshot of that situation.
Clay Animation: 00:31 Adobe Premiere Pro | 2019
the fly house
Computer-Generated Renders Blender | 2017 At a glance, this piece is merely a 3D modeled fly. However, taking a closer look, the belly of the fly is designed to be the interior of a house. I aimed to take something that is usually unpleasant to most people and offer a new perspective on it.
Video: 3:30 Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects | 2018 3-Wall Video Projection installed in UCLA Broad Art Center EDA This piece is a result of careful considerations of audio, world-building, and camera perspectives. I aim to construct an experience that purifying to the mind by presenting an imaginary world filled with strange plants and creatures. I incorporated smooth motion inspired by natural behaviors, such as flowers blooming, leaves swaying in the wind, animals swimming. In a future where humans have exhausted Earth's natural resources, would the only places to see these natural spectacles be these artificially constructed virtual realities?
18" x 24" Poster Adobe Illustrator | 2018 An overview of Finland featuring many small information graphics and unique icons.
dan yuan ren chang jiu typography book
5" x 8" Book with Stitches Adobe InDesign | 2017 This typography book consists of 40 cover designs based on Chinese singer Teresa Teng (邓丽君)'s May We be Blessed with Longevity (但愿人长久). Each design uses the year, the name of the song, artist and album as the only text source. After all designs have been completed, they are put together using a Chinese-style stitch binding method.
posters & illustrations
A collection of digital and hand-drawn posters and illustrations made in 2017 and 2018
Virtual Reality Game Autodesk Maya, Unity3D | 2018 Explore the imaginative, vast world of Searching. Lead the lost creature through the unknown land to return it back to its family. In order to do so, one must build trust between oneself and the creature by handing over a magical fruit. As one approaches closer to the creature’s family, the footsteps of the family will grow louder and louder...
buiji buiji
Animation Short: 00:48 Adobe Illustrator, After Effects | 2018 Video Installation at UCLA Broad Art Center EDA In early 2018, I went through an overwhelmingly emotional phase. I embedded my emotions in this animation short to illustrate the heartwarming, sweet feeling I felt.
illenium lyric video
Video: 00:30 Adobe Illustrator, After Effects | 2018 A 30-second lyric video for Illenium's song Lost ft. Emilie Brandt.
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